PermaLip – augmenting lips with a silicone implant

Are you looking to have your lips permanently augmented? Silicone implants are ideal for you here. The implant is gentle, done under local anesthesia, and is inserted into the lip with a small incision made at the corners. There are different implant sizes. However, implants only correct the size of the lips, not the shape.

Procedure price

starting at €1500

Type of procedure

no hospitalization, discharged when done


local anesthesia

Length of procedure

30 minutes

Effect duration



feeling of tension and reduced sensitivity where operated
liquids and soft food, apply cold compresses for 2 days
swelling and bruises for about 7 days
stitches are absorbable

PermaLip – augmenting lips with a silicone implant

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PermaLip – augmenting lips with a silicone implant

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