Facial beautification by Dr. Barbora Brezová

One of the most favored and promising facials today, it combines a variety of non-invasive treatments and techniques with an approach tailored to each individual. Hyaluronic acid, Botox injection or threads are used. Facial beautification by Dr. Barbora Brezová is especially suitable for younger women. Overall, it harmonizes the face, preserves its natural features and accentuates its positive attributes. The result is authentic and you remain yourself, just more beautiful, relaxed and attractive. Dr. Barbora Brezová was the first to introduce this unique method in Slovakia and many celebrities have entrusted their faces to her care.

Procedure price

starting at €170

Type of procedure



numbing cream

Length of procedure

30 minutes

Effect duration

1-2 years


possible minor bruises and mild swelling
no convalescence required
results are immediate and last about 2 weeks
beautification lasts about 1 year

Facial beautification by Dr. Barbora Brezová

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Facial beautification by Dr. Barbora Brezová

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