Mesotherapy – bio-revitalization

Bio-revitalization is a popular aesthetic procedure for improving the quality of your skin. It helps especially to rejuvenate the face and remove fine lines it and around the eye. Special needles inject active ingredients like vitamins, collagen boosters and hyaluronic acid to instantly brighten and hydrate the skin. Mesotherapy is intended for younger skin to preserve its youthfulness and for more mature skin as part of anti-ageing treatments. How often it is repeated depends on the objective, with the choice of Mesotherapy serum based on the condition of the skin.

Procedure price

starting at €190

Type of procedure



numbing cream

Length of procedure

15-30 minutes

Effect duration

several months


possible bruises and mild swelling in the area
avoid putting pressure on the application site
rest and do not play sports for 2 days
no sauna or solarium for 2 weeks
repeat at specified intervals depending on skin condition

Mesotherapy – bio-revitalization

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Mesotherapy – bio-revitalization

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