Exosomes – a new revolution in skin rejuvenation

Haven’t heard of them yet? Never mind, read the article carefully and you will learn everything you need and maybe even more…. and beware, there are no exosomes like exosomes. There are many products on the market so be careful when choosing the right one.


Exosomes can simply be pictured as postmen who distribute important documents and information to different places in order to make everything work. Here we find various molecules, including proteins, lipids and nucleic acids, which are transported into the cells as needed. 

Want to induce a cell to make collagen? Or to support skin regeneration at the cellular level? Exosomes can do this and much more.

Exosomes are characterized by high skin regeneration, strong anti-inflammatory effects, anti-aging effect, and have brightening effects on the skin! They are more effective than plasma therapy, with which they can be combined, and are particularly suitable for patients with skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis.

Where can we capitalize on the potential of exosomes?

  1. Skin regeneration – such as wound healing, works in part on intercellular communication just through the exosomes of skin cells. Exosomes thus actively stimulate skin regeneration and improve skin texture. 

  2. Support collagen production – exosomes are good at communicating. For example, they can tell the cells that they need to produce more collagen, which is no longer produced as we age.

  3. A dose of hydration – exosomes can also contain moisturizers that beautifully transport them down to the deep structures of the skin. 

  4. Fight pigment spots – exosomes can help reduce the production of melanin, the pigments that cause skin to darken. 

  5. Strengthening the skin’s protective barrier – the skin barrier is our protector against UV rays, pollution, and other external environmental influences. Exosomes not only help the skin to regenerate, but also strengthen the skin barrier and thus prevent skin damage. 

Application of exosomes:

Using microneedling alone or in combination, for example with Morpheus8. The treatment protocol will be determined by our doctor according to the condition of the skin and the problem. However, 3-5 treatments at 2-week intervals are usually recommended.

As exosomes really represent a breakthrough innovation in aesthetic or regenerative medicine, we recommend you to try this treatment with us to see for yourself the effects. Do you agree? Make an appointment for a personal consultation

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