Exosome injection

Exosome Regenerative Complex directly delivers stem cells to your skin cells along with growth factors, peptides, amino acids and vitamins. It has been clinically proven to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. Exosome injection reduces pigmentation, softens fine lines and moisturizes the skin, making it visibly younger and healthier. At least three sessions are recommended. Combining it with Morpheus8 is marvelous for a better effect and faster healing of the skin. Designed by our leading specialist, Dr. Barbara Brezova. only NOBBLES Clinique offers this combination.

Procedure price


Type of procedure



numbing cream

Length of procedure

15 minutes

Effect duration

several months


possible bruises in the area
do not play sports for 2 days
no sauna or solarium for 2 weeks

Exosome injection

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Exosome injection

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