Profhilo injection

Profhilo or rejuvenation while you wait? A new, improved hyaluronic acid molecule lies at the core of this incomparable method for bio-remodeling and bio-revitalizing weakened and ageing skin. It rejuvenates skin effectively, fast and safely. Profhilo is also used for anti-ageing skincare, penetrating deep into the skin to thoroughly moisturize it as it helps to stimulate collagen production. It is applied at precise points on the face, neck or cleavage. Winner of the 2022 Aesthetics Awards as UK’s 2022 INJECTIVE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR.

Procedure price


Type of procedure



numbing cream

Length of procedure

15 minutes

Effect duration

6-12 months


possible bruises and mild swelling in the area
do not play sports for 2 days
no sauna or solarium for 2 weeks
results come in about 2 weeks
2 treatments a month apart recommended

Profhilo injection

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Profhilo injection

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