Non-invasive rhinoplasty

Hyaluronic acid, a thread lift, or a combination of procedures enables a rhinoplasty to be non-invasive. Any of them is suitable for subtle irregularities on the nose, drooping nose tips, or to narrow or correct asymmetry. It is also a suitable alternative if you are frightened of surgery or considering it. However, you should not undergo a non-invasive rhinoplasty if you have functional breathing problems, wish to shrink the size of your nose or are planning for surgical rhinoplasty. The effect from a non-invasive rhinoplasty is temporary.

Procedure price


Type of procedure

no hospitalization, discharged when done


local anesthesia

Length of procedure

30 minutes

Effect duration

about 1 year


possible bruises and mild swelling in the area
avoid putting pressure on the application site
no sauna, solarium, massages or facials for around 2 weeks

Non-invasive rhinoplasty

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Non-invasive rhinoplasty

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