Foxy Eyes

Eye contouring is one of the latest trends. An APTOS thread brow lift sculpts the eyes into an almond-shaped, elongated shape that gives a “cat-like” look. Well-known model Veronika Vágnerová and makeup artist Lucid Sládečková used to undergo it here.

Botox injection has to be injected prior to suturing and about 2 weeks prior to contouring.

Procedure price

starting at €900

Type of procedure

no hospitalization, discharged when done


local anesthesia

Length of procedure

30 minutes

Effect duration

6-12 months


feeling of tension and reduced sensitivity where operated
keep your head in an elevated position while sleeping
avoid putting pressure on the application site
apply cold compresses for 2 days
3 days rest and taping
swelling and bruises for about 5 days

Foxy Eyes

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Foxy Eyes

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