Capsulectomy – silicone breast implant replacement

Implant replacement is common today and done because of changes in shape, complications after the first implant surgery or for a number of other reasons. In a majority of cases, surgery takes place through the original scar. The capsule around the implant will be either partially or completely removed.

Procedure price

starting at €2550 (no implants)

Type of procedure

one-day hospitalization at the clinic


general anesthesia

Length of procedure

about 2 hours

Effect duration


one week quiet and physical rest, lie on your back and later on your side
at least 10 days before the procedure, avoid blood-thinning medications and refrain from smoking
postoperative bruises, swelling, pulling sensation where operated
do not lift your arms or carry anything heavy
elastic bra worn for 6 weeks
full-body exercise only after 6 weeks
stitches are absorbable
breasts reach final condition after about 3 months

Capsulectomy – silicone breast implant replacement

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Capsulectomy – silicone breast implant replacement

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