Buccal lipectomy (bichectomy) – removing fat from the face

Are your cheeks too wide and you have no idea how to be rid of it? A bichectomy invasively removes fat from the cheek area. The incision is made on the mucosal side of the oral cavity, leaving no scar.

Procedure price

starting at €900

Type of procedure

no hospitalization, discharged when done


local anesthesia

Length of procedure

30-45 minutes

Effect duration



swelling and bruises
feeling of tension and reduced sensitivity where operated
keep your head in an elevated position while sleeping
apply cold compresses for 5 days
avoid increased temporalis muscle movements and do not see a dentist for the next few weeks
no sauna or solarium for 3 weeks
stitches are absorbable

Buccal lipectomy (bichectomy) – removing fat from the face

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Buccal lipectomy (bichectomy) – removing fat from the face

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