Brow lift

A brow lift eliminates droopy eyelids in several ways. It can be done without surgery with a thread lift combined with Botox injection or invasively with surgery. Brows are lifted by pulling up deeper subcutaneous tissue in the forehead, surgically correcting muscles in the forehead, or removing excess skin in the scalp. There are multiple approaches and techniques for surgically lifting brows, where the choice of a specific technique depends on the degree of droop and brow ptosis. Brow lifts are often combined with a blepharoplasty – plastic surgery of the upper eyelids.

Procedure price

starting at €1200

Type of procedure

no hospitalization, discharged when done


local anesthesia, general anesthesia if combined surgery

Length of procedure

60-90 minutes

Effect duration

several years


feeling of tension and reduced sensitivity where operated
keep your head in an elevated position while sleeping
apply cold compresses for 5 days
swelling and bruises for about 7-10 days
quiet and physical rest
stitches removed 7-14 days after surgery depending on the operation

Brow lift

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Brow lift

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