Breast augmentation with your own fat

This is a modern method for augmenting breasts. Using your own fat takes extra pounds away from problem areas as your breasts are enlarged. Liposuction removes the fat to be processed and treated. Fine cannulas then inject it into the breast area with fine cannulas, leaving no large scars afterward. Many women dream of a lean torso and naturally full breasts. Augmentation lets you achieve your own dream figure, although it is not for everybody. You should take into account both absorption of some fat and the time it will take for additional replenishment of the fat needed for the breasts to remain stable and augmented for the long term.

Procedure price

starting at €2500

Type of procedure

one-day hospitalization at the clinic


general anesthesia

Length of procedure

2 hours

Effect duration


at least 10 days before the procedure, avoid blood-thinning medications and refrain from smoking
postoperative bruises, swelling, pulling sensation where operated
5 days quiet and physical rest, lie on your back and later on your side
do not lift your arms or carry anything heavy
elastic bra worn for 4 weeks
full-body exercise only after 4 weeks
stitches are absorbable
repeat after about 6 months for a stable, long-term result

Breast augmentation with your own fat

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Breast augmentation with your own fat

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