Aptos NAMICA thread lift

A rejuvenating procedure by which we turn off sagging facial contours and return its youthful appearance without major invasive interventions and scars. NAMICA threads from APTOS guarantee an excellent lifting effect and a minimum of potential complications. At the same time, they perfectly stimulate collagen formation and have a secondary anti-aging effect. A very popular treatment for women between 35-55 years of age. As one of the few clinics, we offer various special thread lifting techniques, such as temporal thread lift or chin thread lift. Thread lifting was started in Slovakia by MUDr. Barbora Brezová is one of the first and Nobbles Clinique is the first clinic in the Slovak Republic that has the opportunity to apply NAMICA thread and thus offer its clients the best.

Procedure price

starting at €1750

Type of procedure



local anesthesia

Length of procedure

30-45 minutes

Effect duration

about 18 months to 2 years


possible pulling sensation where the threads were applied

keep your head in an elevated position while sleeping

avoid putting pressure on the application site

apply cold compresses for 2 days

swelling and bruises for about 5 days

elastic bandage worn for a week with some lifts

Aptos NAMICA thread lift

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Aptos NAMICA thread lift

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